We continue our journey through the 2021 Vintage.  We started a couple months ago with the pruning of the 2020 Vintage.  Then we saw the bud break. Now that the vines can generate energy through the leaves they are in BLOOM!  Watch the 20 second video below and I’ll show you what it looks like.

The bloom consists of very delicate grape flowers.  They are vulnerable to damage from the wind, rain or unexpected late frost.

10-14 days after bloom the fruit set should be well established and the pollinated flowers will form tiny green berries that grow into the full sized wine grape.

You can find honeybees in the vineyard but they are not critical for pollination.  Grape vines possess both female ovaries and male stamens so they are self pollinating.

Wine grapes typically set about 50% of their flowers into fruit if all goes well.

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