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Enjoy fine wine and help us turn wine into wings of hope.

Our family members enjoy “Super Discount” pricing on the fine wines we offer. With the help of our charitable wine industry partners we sell premium, hand-crafted wine, well below the price at the winery. Partner vineyards and wineries donate fruit, processing and wines so we can sell it at a super discount, turning wine into wings of hope.

The Wine

We partner with amazing  charitable-minded wineries who share our vision for turning wine into wings of hope.  Award winning winemakers craft wines for us from donated fruit harvested from premium vineyards. These wines are hand-crafted, small lot productions of stellar quality. With each club, you may select from three case options. (1) All Reds; (2) All Whites/Rosé; or (3) 50/50 mixed Reds and Whites/Rosés. We will select the varietals in your shipment based upon our current inventory.


We ship wine at the end of each month.

We are licensed to ship to California addresses only.

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