Meet Baby Eleanor:

Eleanor is just 10 months old. She was born with laryngomalacia, an airway disorder that leaves her struggling for breath. The specialized care she needed wasn’t available in their Montana hometown of Helena, so her family was connected to a facility in Seattle. After several long, difficult journeys in the car—with a medically fragile baby—they learned about Angel Flight West.      

Our 14-hour drive became a four-hour flight,” says Eleanor’s mother Carrie, “which lessened financial burdens and safety concerns with Eleanor being in the car for so long with breathing issues. Flying with Angel Flight was incredibly emotional. Knowing there are good people out there who care enough to help families like ours is overwhelming in the best ways!

Our noble hearts family are “good people” and because of your support we were able to donate $500, WHICH WAS MATCHED, providing financial support for SIX more flights!

Each time you raise a glass of our wine you help us turn wine into wings for someone like Eleanor and her family.

Thanks for your support as we turn wine into wings of hope.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Bill and Mark in the vineyard